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Hiring professional help is widely popular these days when it comes to keeping the household, or workplace in a neat and orderly state. With the busy lifestyles that most people live nowadays a house cleaning service in Mobile Al comes in handy. They are just a call away, trained and skilled, and they keep cleaning your home off of your to-do list.

If you have not tried this yet, let us give you an idea of how a professional cleaning service works. Here are some of the more general packages offered by house cleaning companies that you can choose from.

Timed Cleaning:

This caters to household owners who only need services from time to time. It fits perfectly for families who only need help with their chores before a large party or event. The package comes with a fixed rate that matches that number of hours allotted to cleaning the interior of the house.

Before agreeing to and purchasing this house cleaning service, you can request to talk about prioritizing the needs of the house starting from the primary and basic tasks to the bigger tasks to be tackled by the cleaners. This setup ideally offers a team of two cleaners.

Deep Cleaning:

This is perhaps the most systematic, exhaustive and in-depth house cleaning service that there is. What sets this package apart from the rest of the other services is the amount of thoroughness invested in every detail of the house. The house will be turned upside down to get every bit of dirt and trash. The deepest corners and the tightest and smallest crevasses will be dusted until spotlessly clean by your reliable and patient cleaners.

Payment is at flat rate with no timer ticking.

Residential Move In-and-Out Cleaning:

This package is intended for homes that are totally empty and need top to bottom house cleaning. After this type of house cleaning service is performed by the hired housekeepers, the house is ready to either be put on the market for sale or for the purpose of moving in.

Just like with deep cleaning, there are usually no time limitations for this kind of cleaning assistance, only a flat rate.

Maintenance Cleaning:

In this service package, a tandem of house cleaners perform routine cleaning which includes disinfecting of appliances, furniture, bathrooms and kitchens. It can also include scrubbing and mopping the floor tiles, dusting the carpets and rugs, tidying up bedrooms, and throwing garbage into the bins.

This is basically a continuous cleaning service on a steady interval of every other day, two or three times within a week, or on a day to day basis at specific habitual hours.


In all of these more widely used packages, cleaning equipment and materials are included in the contract so there is no need for homeowners to fret about purchasing your own equipment. You also have the option to choose companies which offer to use green, environment-friendly chemical products as an alternative, but at a different price. Since it is cleanliness that is in question, health comes along with it too.

Perhaps it is time to get a quote free of charge by reaching a company that offers a house cleaning service. You can then find time to put your feet up and watch your favorite TV shows and relax or get out and explore the rich culture in Mobile Al. You deserve it after a long day at the office. Click here to get a house cleaning quote from Maid Zone.

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