Mobile Al History in Brief: Colonized, Now Modernized


Mobile Al Historic PlacesEarly 1500s History:

The sun never set for the Spaniards. They had colonies all across the globe in their golden years. The southern regions of today’s America was not spared from their seemingly amicable explorers looking to discover and conquer.

It was the Spanish cartographer Alonzo Alvarez de Piñeda who journeyed to the Gulf of Mexico, including what we call now Mobile Alabama. From then on, the rich Mobile Al history only gets more interesting.

Mobile Al History: The Spaniard’s Loss, the French’s Gain

Mobile Al: The Mid-1500s:

Another conquistador, the nobleman Don Tristán de Luna tried to establish a Spanish colony in the Mobile Alabama region but did not succeed.

After the Spanish aristocrat’s failure, it was Indian tribes who thrived here and became the first driving forces in the area.

The members of the native American tribes were at the prime of their early development as a community. They were the Mobile regions principal inhabitants for almost a century. That is until explorers from Montreal, the Le Moyne brothers Pierre and Jean-Baptiste, were on their way from New France, today’s Canada. Canada at the time was the central point of contact for the French colonial territories in the Americas.

When the two brothers set foot in Mobile Alabama and founded the Fort Louis de la Mobile and established a settlement along the Mobile River.

Trade and commerce continued and flourished among the Indians and the explorers with whom they lived with in harmony and peace.

History of Britain’s Involvement and the Seven Year War:

Mobile Alabama: The 1700s

Mobile Alabama was not spared from the afflictions caused by the decade long imperial and political struggle between France and Great Britain. There was France’s expansion of power and there was also Britain’s unfaltering claim for the colonies.

It was in 1756 when the British officially declared war which would last for the next seven years, hence the name of the battle. It was also known as the French and Indian War by the colonies.

Despite the support of their local allies and other colonies, the French lost to Great Britain as the former surrendered Canada and its other American territories to the latter.

History of the Spanish Return & the American Revolution:

Mobile Al History: The Late 1780s to early 1800s:

The Anglo-Spanish War ensued. It was during the next few decades when the capture and recapture of Mobile Alabama went back and forth from the hands of Spain and the colonies (today’s modern United States).

The Governor of Spanish Louisiana Bernardo de Gálvez led many successes over the English including the seizure of Mobile Alabama.

Spain’s Mobile victory did not last as the US took it back from the European colonizers.

It was in 1817 when Mobile Al as an independent and developing territory was officially created and widely recognized and acknowledged.

Mobile Al Today:

Mobile Alabama is now a seat of major improvements that range across numerous fields and aspects. Because of this, the county has generally high employment rates especially in the industries of education services, arts/entertainment, manufacturing/construction, transportation, warehousing, agriculture and forestry. Mobile Al history has been filled with large industrial developments and even natural gas platforms.

It is a melting pot of different people of different cultures and backgrounds who work hand in hand as they keep stepping forward as one community that is rich in colorful history. We’re proud to serve the wonderful community with our community oriented Mobile Al maid service!

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