Learning and Delight in These Museums in Mobile AL

Rich in culture and history, as well as having many famous landmarks and a long lived baseball connection, Mobile Alabama is also home to several museums of different specialties, offering a display of very distinct subjects.

Drop by some of these museums in Mobile AL when you are there. The following list can be a good start to guide you through your choices.

Mobile Carnival Museum

Mobile AL Carnival MuseumRelatively very young in comparison with other museums in Mobile AL, the Mobile Carnival Museum was established and inaugurated only in 2005.

If you want to know all about the Carnival festivities in Mobile Alabama, Mobile Carnival Museum is the exhibition hall to be. It houses everything Mardi Gras and is where you do not just get to see and observe historical photos of the birth of the age-old traditions in Mobile. This Carnival-focused museum also permits for its guests to actually experience the celebrations through the interactive activities that it offers.

Of all the museums in Mobile AL, Carnival Museum, you can ride a real rocking float. You will get a nice view of the street merry-making and even learn the complexities of building a Mardi Gras float. As well, you can get up-close and personal with the wardrobe and accessories donned by the members of the Mardi Gras monarchies. Witness how their intricate and delicate designs are brought to life. These are the more elaborate forms of Mardi Gras artistry that will welcome you as you set foot in the Mobile Carnival Museum.

History Museum of Mobile

The Mobile Carnival Museum is just the start. Take pride in the presentation of over three centuries of Mobile AL history at the History Museum of Mobile.

Lodged in the Old City Hall, the enormous museum showcases tens of thousands of ancient artifacts. It also features a research library and an auditorium for conduction of special education programs. It does not stop there. There are workshops and seminars, and also a museum store for gifts and mementos.

The History Museum of Mobile permanently highlights the generations over generations of contributions. From the African American ancestors of Mobilians to the natives that founded the land.

Furthermore, the high-value gallery also offers various learning activities for students and adults alike. This includes guided tours, summer camps, and even outreach programs. Apart from the permanent display of antique collections, there are also schedules for changing exhibits.

The History Museum of Mobile also has a satellite facility named Phoenix Fire Museum. Of all the museums in Mobile AL, this is surely one you won’t want to pass up.

Mobile Museum of Art

The Mobile Museum of Art houses a permanent collection displayed in a rotating manner. With over 10,000 pieces of fine art including paintings, drawings, and sculptures of American, African, European and Asian origins, amongst which the highlights are the 19th-century American landscapes.

The arts center continues to better its services as it develops more and more learning programs and activities. Some of which include the assembly of a pop-up museum in downtown Mobile. It contains on-site art classes. The facilitators and curators even bring some of the collections of the Mobile Museum of Art to the airport as part of their efforts to take art closer to the residents of Mobile AL.

While the facility of the Museum of Art has the ownership of the city of Mobile AL, the art collection is privately owned.

University of South Alabama Archaeology Museum

From the world of arts in Mobile Museum of Art, let’s explore archaeology in the USA Archeology Museum. The vision and the mission here is linking pre-history and contemporary history with the present. They do all of this while holistically anchoring them in science. The USA Archeology Museum is committed to serve and contribute to the education of its guests and its surrounding communities. This is evident in its display of over 12,000-year-old artifacts. These artifacts are a treasure through which scholars and curators are able to make archeology a relevant subject to current issues and concerns. They do this on both a local basis and on a global scale making them a must stop on our list of museums in Mobile AL.

Mobile Medical Museum

By far one of the most interesting museums in Mobile AL is one focusing on the medical sciences. The Mobile Medical Museum exhibits over 50,000 medical artifacts and archives in recognition of the city’s contributions to the history and evolution of medicine in Alabama.

It boasts of bringing to the present actual medical kits and surgical tools from the eras of war. There are also highly valued and well-preserved photographs which serve as a window to have a good look. The medical professionals are presents as well. These experts were dedicated to finding advancement in medical technologies and procedures. These people are whom we owe the innovations which we have in the present.

With this list of museums in Mobile AL, you are sure to find one that you will enjoy. So, among the Mobile Carnival Museum, the Mobile Medical Museum, and the other amazing museums, which one offers your kind of museum trip? Whatever your taste may be we’re sure you’d rather be out exploring museums than home cleaning your house.  Call Maid Zone today and we’ll take care of the chores around the house while you’re out enjoying yourself in Mobile.

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