Identifying Popular Mobile Al Landmarks

Countries and cities around the globe boast of their unique people, culture, communal characteristics, talent and resources. Of all these the most popularly recognized characteristics of a city, county or town are it’s places and landmarks.

Mobile Al landmarks set this place apart from the rest of the south of the United States. Let us list some of the more prominent landmarks found in Mobile Alabama.


Bankhead Tunnel:

Bankhead Tunnel Mobile Al

The Bankhead Tunnel, named after the John H. Bankhead was named in memory of the former US senator. This is an underground road in Mobile Alabama. This is flows under the Mobile River and helps those living their commute from Blakeley Island to Mobile Al’s thriving business district. The tunnel’s east end has a large door which can be used to prevent water flooding the Mobile Bay in the unfortunate event of a hurricane.

It has been part of the Mobile Al Landmarks Registry and heritage since 1977 but was opened for public use in 1941.

Barton Academy:

The Barton Academy is a historic Greek Revival school on Government Street in Mobile Alabama. This was the state of Alabama’s first public educational institution. This landmark was named after former politician Willoughby Barton who was the one to present an act that founded the Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County.

The Alabama Historical Commission and the Alabama Trust for Historic Preservation listed Barton Academy as one of their “Places in Peril” which is a roster of endangered historic sites in the state. Intentions of relocation of its administrative center as well as general negligence and lack of proper maintenance were primary reasons for the academy’s deteriorating physical state. These factors make this one of the most popular landmarks to visit in Alabama.

Cochrane Africatown Bridge:

Cochrane Africatown’s Bridge is famous for being a cable bridge you can use to travel over the Mobile River to the Island also in Mobile Alabama. Its name is in commemoration of the African community that was once established there. They lived in Mobile Alabama after they were forcefully shipped into the country’s harbor in the 1700s.

It is the first and only cable bridge in the entirety of Alabama.

It once proved its sturdiness and strength when it survived despite having suffered the devastation of hurricane Katrina making this one of the must see landmarks in Alabama.

Government Street’s Presbyterian Church:


The Presbyterian Church located in Mobile Alabama is one of the nations longest standing Greek church buildings. Having been declared a National Historic Landmark in 1992, it is famous for being one of the historical church landmarks that has barely been renovated.

It is a church consisting of around 500 members. Apart from regular worship services, the church is an urban ministry of bible education, and the arts.

Its members work in downtown Mobile Alabama through a Coffee Club that has been feeding those without homes for more than 2 decades on a daily basis. They also have other projects such as Meals on Wheels and even the astounding Adopt-A-School charity. The beauty and heart of this place is one of the most popular landmarks in Alabama.

USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park:

The famous memorial landmark commemorates and pays tribute to the Alabama veterans who served in historical wars such as the World War II. It boasts of an impressive collection of historic weaponry, alongside notable aircrafts and museum ships. You can even tour around the preserved parts of the battleship that is stored there. This is one of the largest groups of southern historical memorabilia, making this landmark a national treasure.

These aren’t just Mobile landmarks but are some of the most popular national landmarks! Make sure to use this guide of historical Mobile Al landmarks the next time you visit Alabama! Click here for more things to do in Mobile AL. If you’re looking to free up some time to get out and explore Mobile, you can request a free quote from our world class Mobile cleaning service.

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