House Cleaning Rates

Keeping your home clean is quite essential for your health and general quality of life. Even though everyone knows the importance of cleanliness, let’s face the reality, very few of us have the time and the conviction to dedicate towards cleanliness.

House cleaning rates

Any free time we get, we would rather watch TV than a clean our house. But it is not an option to ignore cleanliness. Hence, the best option is hiring someone else to take care of cleaning your house. We shall discuss the typical house cleaning rates and what factors could affect it.

It is important to note that the rates mentioned here are very rough estimates. The actual rates will depend on a lot of factors, and will eventually come down to the negotiation between you and your cleaning service provider.

Since every house is different, the rates will not be the same as for your neighbour. The obvious first factor in determining the house cleaning rates will be how big your house is. A typical small family home should cost about $150-$180 to clean.

If your home is quite large with multiple rooms, expect to shell out $300-$400. The actual negotiations will also factor in if your house has any hard to reach places, how dirty the house is already, how quickly you need it done etc.

If you hire an individual freelance cleaner, the cost will be typically lower, but a professional service will come with many add-ons such as insurance, large cleaning teams, specialists for different areas etc. The professional services also vary their rates based on the tier of service on offer.

But the rates for you will be generally higher if the cost of living in your region is generally higher and vice versa. The rate will also depend on whether you are paying hourly or negotiating for your entire home in advance. You will be able to get a better deal paying hourly if you are getting cleaning service for only 1-2 rooms.

The house cleaning rates will also depend on various add-on services. If you need to get cleaning for windows, it will cost extra depending on the size and type of windows, the number of windows, how stained they are, if there are any mineral deposits etc.

Typically for an average home, special window cleaning will cost about $100-$200 more. Larger professional services may be able to offer very fast service by providing 3-4 person cleaning teams. Such high speed service will cost extra.

house cleaning rates

It will also cost you if the cleaners are bringing their own cleaning supplies. Carpets typically get quite dirty. Deep steal cleaning of carpets will cost about $100-$150. Many cleaning services also offer cleaning of your AC or HVAC filters, ducts and vents in order to maintain good indoor air quality and prevent circulation of allergens.

The cost for this will depend on how your AC or HVAC system is set up, but expect it to cost around $300. There are many other optional services such as cleaning of ovens, chimneys, roofs, gutters etc. In order to calculate the total cost of cleaning, you need to consider what you need, and the add up the cost of cleaning all those elements. It is important to note that different things need to be cleaned with different frequencies. So some of the add-on services may be needed only once a year.

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