Fast and Easy Tips for Apartment Cleaning

A clean home is not only satisfying but it also brings an unusual feeling of relaxation. Although we all love to be in a clean and tidy space the same cannot be said when it comes to cleaning. For people who are not neat-freaks or do not have a penchant for organization and order, apartment cleaning is not a task they look forward to or enjoy doing. Well, do not despair because we are going to show you some fast and easy tips that will make cleaning your apartment a fun experience.

Fast and Easy Tips for Apartment Cleaning

Music on replay

Put on your favorite music on the player and let’s get started!

Scan the area you intend to clean

Take a quick look at the area you intend to clean. Check for any glaring issues that need to be addressed. It could be a wine stain on the rug, dog hairs on the chair, gym shoes next to the sofa or cup ring marks on the coffee table. Register these as the first things to attend to in the apartment cleaning exercise.

If it doesn’t belong there get rid of it

Walk through the space you intend to clean and pick up anything that is misplaced or does not belong there. Start with items that do not belong in the room like shoes in the living area, damp towels on the bathroom floor or dirty dinner plates on the dinning table. Move on to misplaced items and return them to their original position like a flower vase on the shelf, TV remote on the sofa or throw pillows on the floor.

Get rid of the dust and scum first

Get your vacuum and start eliminating dust. Target areas that are hard to reach since they tend to collect the most dust over time. Vacuum in between seats and pillows. Get a feather duster or lint-free cloth and wipe down all surfaces. Run your finger over the surfaces to check if they are dusty. Always vacuum before wiping down surfaces since dust may resettle on the surface during vacuuming. During this step also clean off water marks and scum from faucets, sinks, bathrooms and toilets using the appropriate tools. Dry them down with a lint-free cloth.

Clean the floors

With a mop, bucket, broom and detergent, gently wipe off dirt from uncovered floors. Use circular motions to avoid streak marks on floors. Buff with a dry rug or mop to give it a natural shine. Depending on the type of floor you are cleaning, use the appropriate cleaning detergent and tools.

Take the trash out

Once all the floors are clean, collect all the trash and take them out. Also take this opportunity to load the dishwasher with dirty utensils and the washing machine with dirty laundry.

Apartment cleaning

Apartment cleaning can be fast, simple and easy. All it needs is some dedication, a plan, the right attitude and the right tools. Now sit back and enjoy your glass of wine as you marvel at how clean your apartment is!

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