5 Very Important things to look for when hiring a maid service

  1. Its extremely important to make sure that the company is licensed, bonded, and fully insured.  Workers compensation insurance should be included in the company’s insurance package.  Maid Zone LLC carries all proper liability insurance and workers compensation.
  2. Don’t assume that the company you hire performs background checks on their employees.  Ask them! Ask which company they use to perform the background checks.  Cleaning houses is one of the most personal services that there is.  Who is touching your belongings?
  3. Back Up Staff is important when hiring a maid service because if your regular cleaner or cleaning team is sick or ill, your home should still get cleaned.  We always have extra staff available at www.maidzonemobile.com  in case your regular technician is sick or on vacation.
  4. Safe and Professional products is extremely important to the safety of your home and your health.  What products are they using?
  5. Cleaning houses is not brain surgery, but it surely does take skill and a system to do it right.  Make sure that the company you hire has a professional training program for their employees.
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